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MoveMe offers various treatments and solutions for your pain-free mobility with leading-edge orthoses and podiatry. We are proud to be New Zealand's leading provider of orthotic treatment and products. 

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What we treat


Supporting children's orthoses needs with our range of Paediatrics custom or ready-to-wear solutions.


Footwear supports you with various options perfectly suited to your needs.

Head, Neck & Spine

We have a range of treatments available for Head, Neck and Spine support.

Binders & Supports

Binders & supports, providing you with the support where you need it.


Ankle orthoses suitable for your needs, either ready to wear or custom-made, are our area of expertise.


Knee Support with a wide range of knee orthoses, custom made or ready to wear.

Hand Support

We provide hand support specifically for your condition.

Elbows & Shoulders

Elbow & shoulder orthoses are ready-to-wear and custom-made specifically for your needs.


Hip orthotic bracing solutions best suited to your needs.

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