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Orthotic Consultation can help with a number of services to aid in Delayed Development including paediatric orthoses. These services can be arranged by our qualified clinical team. 

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What does Delayed Development Look Like?

Some children are late to walk (over two years), late to talk (over two years), have impaired vision, impaired hearing and poor socially interactive skills.

Children will acquire new skills and behaviour patterns from birth to their teens and onwards through life.

5 Stages of Development

Child development specialists assess the stage of development reached in each of five areas: 

  • Motor development
  • Social development
  • Hearing and language
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Practical reasoning


What are the particulars of the 5 areas of development?

Child development specialists assess the stage of development reached in each of five areas:

  • Motor development which includes growth and limb coordination.
  • Social development – the way the child interacts with other people and learns social behaviour that is the norm for his or her environment.
  • Hearing and language – the development of the ability to communicate verbally and to learn the language of the family and of the local community.
  • Eye-hand coordination – the ability to use the eye and hand to conduct precise movements required for daily tasks and handwriting.
  • Practical reasoning – the ability to use intelligence for such tasks as counting and puzzles, comparing words and understanding the meaning of words.



Ankle orthoses suitable for your needs, either ready to wear, or custom made, our area of expertise.

Elbows & Shoulders

Elbow & shoulder orthoses ready to wear and custom made specifically for your needs.


Footwear supporting you with a variety of options, perfectly suited to your needs.

Head, Neck & Spine

We have a range of treatments available for Head, Neck and Spine support.


Hip orthotic bracing solutions best suited to your needs.


Knee support with a wide range of knee orthoses, custom made or ready to wear.


Supporting children's orthoses needs with our range of Paediatrics custom or ready to wear solutions

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