Debunking the Myths 

A belief is that bunions are caused by pointy shoes, high heels, and shoes that are too small. This theory is supported whereby women's fashion footwear is generally narrow with high heels and tends to get bunions more often than men. Research suggests, however, that factors such as improper footwear don't cause bunions as much as they exacerbate the underlying causative problem of flat, unstable feet.

Genetic Factors

Bunions are one of the most common problems of the foot. They tend to run in families, suggesting a genetic link associated with the inherited foot shape in certain families. These genetic factors may predispose some people to develop bunions.

Bunions tend to worsen over time, leading to discomfort, skin problems such as corns and lesions, and eventually, difficulty walking.


How can MoveMe Help?

MoveMe will assess your shoes to make sure they will not accelerate the problem. Orthotic treatment will help to make shoe modifications based on your assessment as well as offering a variety of foot orthotics such as braces and supports. 

Our specialised team can remove corns and calluses that usually form around the area and allow you to feel more comfortable. 

If surgery is wanted, we can refer you to the appropriate surgeon. 



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